2019 North Star Award - Barbara Winslow

Barbara is a scholar activist as well as a movement builder who has been a deep and steadfast partner to North Star Fund for over four decades. 

Barbara’s political engagement began in the 1960s, when she demonstrated against the U.S.-led Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba and picketed Woolworths to protest racial segregation. Her commitment to social justice continued in college and afterwards, founding one of the first women’s liberation organizations, challenging racial injustice, supporting labor organizing and opposing U.S. imperialism. She was the founder and director emerita of the Shirley Chisholm Project of Brooklyn Women’s Activism.

In her 40s she faced the challenge of deciding how she wanted to use her inherited wealth in a time when the standard approach of a “charity” largesse mindset was the norm.

In the 1970’s, the North Star Fund became her north star. She became a leader in the North Star Fund community early in our years of redefining anti-racist, cross-class relationships for social justice movement building. Barbara has served on our Board—including as our board chair—and as an advisory board member, fundraiser, donor, activist and volunteer. She has been instrumental in developing our coop partnership with Antioch College.

She has built relationships within the North Star Fund community that have spanned decades of creating change in New York City’s political and grassroots organizing landscape.

We’re honoring Barbara for being in the streets protesting when needed, while also providing leadership within grassroots organizations holding the line for women’s rights, labor rights, access to public education, global social justice and peace.

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